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Performance Safety Products

With an assortment of over 1,000 products, Guardian Fall Protection offers the largest selection of fall protection solutions in the industry. Each one of our products goes through rigorous third-party testing, which is supervised by our in-house engineering staff and quality control management team. We take all the time necessary to make sure that the products you buy from Guardian not only provide an excellent value, but last a lifetime.

All Guardian products come with a lifetime warranty. We promise that our product will be defect-free and built to withstand all normal wear and tear. Our warranty is acknowledged by all of our distributors and applies exclusive to the product’s end user.

Guardian offers a huge selection of fall protection harnesses to best meet the needs of its customers for whatever industry.


Guardian Fall Protection offers everything from the standard single leg shock absorbing lanyards to fully-customized lanyards to meet your specific job site needs.

Guardian Fall Protection self-retracting lifelines are designed for both maximum safety and maximum value.


For over 10 years, Guardian Fall Protection has offered more anchor point solutions than any other company in the world.

When you are on the job site and you want an all-encompassing fall protection system, look to Guardian Fall Protection for an extensive line of fall protection kits.


Guardian Fall Protection carries all the accessories you need to complete your fall protection system. Every one of our accessories are designed to make your job both easier and safer.

Guardian Fall Protection offers a variety of guardrails to protect your work surface without penetrating the surface and eliminate the need for fall arrest systems.


Guardian Fall Protection manufacturers both tripods and retrieval systems, designed to make time spent working in confined spaces safer and more efficient.

Several years ago, Guardian Fall Protection acquired FramePro Products, LLC, and has since become the leader in residential hanging wall scaffolding systems.


As they are a cornerstone in the field of fall protection, Guardian Fall Protection is proud to offer some of the best engineered lifeline systems on the market.

Guardian Fall Protection is the industry leader in ladder safety products. There is no doubt you will these products to be a welcome addition to your fall arrest systems.


From debris netting to horizontal personnel netting, Guardian Fall Protection has you covered. Guardian offers personnel nets for both residential and commercial applications.

As important as the anchor point or full body harness, an often overlooked part of any personal fall arrest system are rescue products.