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Guardian Fall Protection Bull Ring Anchor Product Change Notice


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Questions & Answers


1. Why was the Bull Ring Anchor changed to have the diameter increased on two holes?

The Bull Ring Anchor was changed so that two additional lag screws could be used during installation.

2. Why was the number of lag screws required on the Bull Ring anchor increased from 3 to 5?

The number of lag screws was increased to improve the performance of the product, the previous version
is compliant with all applicable regulations and there is no safety issue with it.

3. Can 16d Common (.16" diameter & 3.5" length) Nails be installed into the larger diameter holes?

Yes, 16d Common (8 gauge diameter & 3.5" length) Nails can be installed into the larger holes.

4. What is the nail specification and can a Sinker type be used instead of a Common?

The nail specification is a 16d Common (8 gauge diameter & 3.5" length) and it may also be used with a 16d Sinker Nail.

5. What holes do the 16d Common (8 gauge diameter & 3.5" length) Nails need to be installed into?

See the diagram below.

6. Is the Bull Ring Anchor compatible with Horizontal Lifelines?

The Bull Ring Anchor is compatible for use with Horizontal Lifelines.

7. What is the pilot hole diameter required for installing lag screws?

The pilot hole diameter for installing the lag screws is 3/16".

8. What is the lag screw diameter and length?

The lag screw is 1/4" in diameter and 3" long.


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For further questions, please contact your sales representative or Guardian’s Customer Service Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.