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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Guardrails and other fall prevention systems are a popular equipment choice because they allow workers to work freely without deploying other types of fall protection products.

Because each jobsite offers its own unique challenges, Guardian Fall Protection has a variety of guardrail lengths available. The Engineered Services Group (ESG) division of Guardian can also custom design guardrails in the event standard size guardrails will not work.

To provide even more options to customers, Guardian recently launched a new 12’ guardrail to go along with our 6’, 8’, and 10’ guardrails.

12' Guardrail

12' Guardrail - Now Available from Guardian

When selecting guardrails, it is important to always keep state or provincial specific regulations in mind. Some states, for example Washington and California, restrict the maximum length between vertical guardrail posts. In the case of these two states, vertical posts can be spaced no more than 8’ apart; see: WAC 296-155-24615 (2) and Title 8, 3209 (c).

Other states, however, do not have state specific codes, and thus fall under the national OSHA code, which does not place limits on maximum spacing.

Prior to selecting your guardrail system, always reference your state OSHA code (if applicable) or provincial CSA code to ensure your system will be compliant!