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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

In our ongoing mission to educate the community about the importance of fall protection, every quarter Guardian will be offering performance specifications on a featured product. This quarter's featured product is our 4-Way Plate Anchor.

Product of the Quarter: 4-Way Plate Anchor

4-Way Plate Anchor

Available Model:

  • 00691, 4-Way Plate Anchor


  • OSHA 1910
  • OSHA 1926 Subpart M
  • ANSI Z359.1-07
  • ANSI A10.32-12

Worker Capacity Range:

  • 130 - 420 lbs.

Minimum Substrate Thickness Requirements:

  • Wood - 5/8" CDS
  • Metal - 24 gauge
  • Concrete - 6"

Permitted Surface Slopes:

  • Flat - vertical / sheer. Never install past vertical / sheer, such as on the underside of a beam.


  • Suitable for use by maximum 1 worker in fall arrest OR a maximum of 2 workers in fall restraint.

The 4-Way Plate Anchor offers both premium protection and multi-functionality. It is perfect for use in combination with horizontal lifelines (supporting a maximum 4 workers in fall arrest), and is suitable for installation onto wood, metal, and concrete substrates. Metal installations are of particular note; the majority of anchorage connectors available on the market are intended for installation onto metal of a minimum 20 or sometimes 22 gauge thickness, but the 4-Way Anchor Plate can be installed on metal as thin as 24 gauge. Installation onto concrete slabs thinner than 6” can also be accommodated by using specialty fasteners; contact Guardian for more details.

The 4-Way Plate Anchor is also a reusable anchorage connector (always be sure to use new fasteners for each installation), meaning it can be removed when work is done and reinstalled at the next job. Easy to install and manufactured from durable powder-coated steel, it is one of the highest performing anchorage connectors available on the market.