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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Buckles are one of the primary elements on a full body harness that affect comfort and ease of donning. The right buckle for you ultimately comes down to personal preference, which is why Guardian offers harnesses with varying buckle configurations. The following video will offer a basic overview of each of the most common buckle types available on Guardian harnesses, including their connection, adjustment, and disconnection.

Type #1: Tongue Buckle

The first buckle design shown is one that almost everyone in the world has experience with—the Tongue Buckle (TB). The Tongue Buckle is essentially the same buckle type you will find on a belt. It is adjusted simply by pulling the strap through the buckle and locking it in place by connecting the tongue through a grommet on the strap.

Tongue Buckle

Type #2: Pass-Through Buckle

The next buckle type, the Pass-Through (PT) Buckle, is very popular among workers because of its simple design. It is composed of two metal plates, one passing through the other to create a secure connection while working at heights.

Pass-Through Buckle

Type #3: Quick Connect Buckle

Third is the Quick Connect (QC) Buckle. If you have ever buckled a seat-belt in a car, then you are familiar with the Quick Connect design. Many workers prefer this buckle type because it is extremely efficient and requires the least amount of effort to make a secure connection.

Quick Connect Buckle

Bonus!: Roller Buckles

The last buckle shown is the Roller Buckle, which are found on all Guardian harnesses, are what are used to adjust harness webbing, and are configured similarly to a strap on a backpack. They are very simple to use, and are ideal for accommodating workers of different sizes.

Roller Buckle

Now let’s see these buckles in action!