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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Let’s be honest – A new full line catalog from Guardian is something that has been long overdue.

With well over 1,000 products available, our full line catalog has always been the tool that allowed for our customers to quickly and easily identify which of these 1,000 products they needed on their site to get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible.

More than two years since the release of our last full line catalog, I am happy to announce that our graphic designer, Jesse Hansonl, is working hard to revitalize the full line catalog in the coming months.

Earlier today, Jesse and I sat down to discuss the project to offer a sort of first look to our long awaiting customers…

It’s been about a month since you were first introduced to the project of a new full line catalog. What are your thoughts on the project thus far and how do you feel about it overall?

Jesse Hansonl (JH): I’m very excited to be driving the design aspect of the new full line catalog. Outside of new packaging artwork, I would consider this my first big project at Guardian. And, the opportunity of being able to show graphically where we are taking Guardian in the future, that’s big. I’m excited to introduce our customers to a new Guardian look.

How did you feel about our last full line catalog?

JH: There was a lot of good information in that catalog and it definitely served its purpose for its time. However, there are some areas where I think the information could be presented more effectively. A good example being the part number tables. Unless you had a ruler on-hand, it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of information in these tables. This is one of the ways I’ll be looking to better present information in the new full line catalog and all other catalogs going forward. I want for anyone, even people unfamiliar with fall protection, to be able to pick up this new catalog, easily come across the product they were looking for, and say, “This is for me.”

Jesse Hansonl sketches out some ideas for our new full line catalog

What does this new full line catalog mean to you? What does it mean for our customers?

JH: It’s an opportunity for me to present our company in the best light possible and show that we are constantly evolving with the times to best meet our customers’ needs. This in turn benefits our customers as they get a new look at our products and a more understandable guide to the world of fall protection. Finding products they were looking for and products they didn’t know we had!

As a graphic designer, how do you approach a project with a scope as large as a full line catalog?

JH: One page at a time. I mean, really, that’s all you can do. We’re scheduling and conducting jobsite photoshoots, collecting all of the information and assets we can for our products, and establishing a page layout and design based on what people are responding positively to in the design world. You smash all those things together, you’re going to get a great catalog.

And how is that approach treating you in the catalog creation process so far?

JH: So far, so good. Everyone is on the same page, which always makes a project like this run smoothly. Right now, we’re trying to get out on as many jobsites as possible to get new photos of our products. I want to stray away from using any old photos because many of our products have been improved in the last two years in ways that we can show visually. Everyone is so visual these days, it’s important to have good photos of both the product itself and of the product in-use.

Everyone at Guardian is extremely excited for the upcoming release of our new full line catalog, which is currently set to release in early 2016. Stay tuned for future updates on our full line catalog by signing up for our blog today!

Jesse Hansonl is hard at work on the 2016 full line catalog