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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Now that we know how to properly inspect a self-retracting lifeline, what if you determine your SRL is damaged from extended use in the field? It could very well likely require a repair!

Fortunately, Guardian Fall Protection has a full in-house repair department and authorized repair centers (ARCs) distributed throughout the United States. We strive to expand our efforts in this area every day. I had the opportunity to sit down with our repair manager, Frank Ivy, who shared with us his experience working at Guardian HQ’s repair center and our recent expansion efforts to establish a repair center at Qualcraft Industries.

Learn all about the Guardian repair’s department via the video below!

When did you start here at Guardian?

Frank Ivy (FI): I started at Guardian early in January 2007.

What position did you start in and what is your position now?

FI: I started in the production area, and I actually hand wedged all the cable chockers. I did that for the year and I am currently the repair department manager. I have been doing this for about a year and a half now.

What is your favorite part about working in the repair department?

FI: Honestly the positive energy and the people that I work with around here. It makes for a positive work environment. It makes me happy coming to work.

How many SRLs do you receive a week?

FI: Weekly, we probably see about 30-40.

So in a month you can see up to 120?

FI: Yes, roughly about that.

What kind of repairs do you see often?

FI: Arced cable and corroded cable. People working on boats will get salt water into the inner parts. We see a lot of indicated snap hooks, not impacted in a fall, but they are misused and they did something they aren’t supposed to do with it.

Our company strives to push innovation, what are you doing personally to do this?

FI: One thing I can say at this point is starting our repair center out in Qualcraft. For the longest time we were the only repair center and we branched off to go into Norguard since we own them and now we are going to have the east coast, so now we can cut that time. Instead of people from Florida sending it here and taking 5 days to get here, now the time is cut in half for it to get to Qualcraft.

Can you tell us a bit about our Authorized Repair Centers? What are they? What criteria needs to be met? How many are there? How can distributors become one?

FI: An authorized repair center is just what you said. It’s a distributor that has your blocks (SRLs), fix other units as well, and I want to get certified to fix your units. They will pay us to come take an 8 hour course, which is part of the criteria. Once you pass this 8 hours competent training course, you then have to come do an 8 hour course with us. We train you here and go through all the units that you will be certified to fix. You must maintain $10,000 worth of inventory which includes SRLs and parts. You must sign a contract with us and abide by it. We ask that you strive for a 48 hour turnaround time.

Overall, what would you say your favorite part about working at Guardian is?

FI: The best thing working at Guardian to me is the benefit of knowing that I’m helping a family having their family members come back safe. Everything that I do here, everything you see, we are going 110 percent making sure that this screw is the screw that is supposed to be there and is secured. The smallest details of making sure all the letters are legible on the sticker, it’s the gratitude we get when we get a customer that says “hey, your product saved a life.” We have the under 600 club, we deal with a lot of that on hand. That’s the best thing about working here.

As you can see, our repair team is very passionate about what they do and care whole heartedly about your safety. If you inspect your Guardian product and find that it has any sort of wear and tear or defect, know that you can always send it in to us to have it repaired in a timely manner and in perfect, ready to use condition.