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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

The team at Guardian always strives to do what is best for our customers’ needs. Not only do we ensure that our products will keep them safe on the jobsite, but also that products are efficiently shipped from point A to point B.

To guarantee that everything is shipped correctly and on-time, Guardian recently chose to partner with FedEx for all of our shipping needs. With all this in mind, we sat down with our logistics coordinator, Samantha Curtis, who shared with us her thoughts and excitement about working with FedEx.

What is your role in making sure we are the market’s first choice for fall protection and safety products?

Samantha Curtis (SC): My primary focus is making sure the customer gets the product in the fastest, most cost effective manner possible. If there are any problems with shipments, such as claims or address issues, I work with the shipping vendor and their customer service team to resolve the issue as quickly as we can. That could mean initiating a Guaranteed Service Refund if the product does not reach the customer on time, or initiating a claim if the product is damaged or lost.

I also work closely with our purchasing department to get inbound product shipments booked, make sure they are on time, update them on delays, and schedule container deliveries, as well as make sure that we are getting charged for duties on imports at the correct percentage.

What were the factors involved in deciding to choose FedEx for our Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments?

SC: It began with heart to heart talks with our sales reps. FedEx came in to see me at the right time, and after giving them the information that they needed about our current tariff they came back with our current rates. They are awesome!

How do you feel FedEx is a great fit for our company and our customers’ shipping needs?

SC: FedEx offers Priority Service, which means if they fail to deliver on-time the entire shipment is free of charge. It provides shipment visibility, and access to immediate reports for analysis. The transit time was 1 to 2 days faster in some cases, which saves the customer time and money.

What is the overall goal with this new partnership?

SC: The overall goal with FedEx is to get shipments to our customers as quickly as possible for as little money as possible. Customer satisfaction is GFP’s #1 priority. Hopefully, we’ll see more freight quotes turn over and less customer arranged shipments. That gives us better oversight over what is happening to every product that leaves our facilities.

What are you most excited about regarding this transition?

SC: The transit times! It’s also exciting that the rates that we were offered are guaranteed, and are only a few dollars more than non-guaranteed shipments. I’m very excited for the shipping department because, as we look toward the future, it’s looking more and more like we will be able to automate the freight shipping process. It will save them a ton of time! That means more product out the door in a more efficient manner, and more satisfied customers.

Choosing FedEx as our LTL shipment company is just one of the many ways Guardian works to be the market’s first choice for fall protection and safety equipment. Our customers can always count on the teamwork between Guardian and FedEx to generate the highest level of customer satisfaction, and to deliver products correctly and on-time. And, thanks to employees like Samantha, we could not be more excited about both our present day and future shipping processes.

Samantha also received the Guardian Employee of the Month award last month! Congratulations Samantha!!