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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Since you are a dedicated reader of our quarterly newsletters, you’ll no doubt remember our recent foray into the world of guardrails and the vast array of options available to address Fall Prevention. But what if I told you there was an additional guardrail solution that not only prevented workers from accessing fall hazards, but could also eliminate the need for toeboards? Sound impossible?

A Different Kind Of Guardrail: Debris Netting

Guardian’s Debris Netting is a dual-purpose product intended for use as a lightweight but effective Fall Prevention system that also prevents tools or other construction debris from falling to lower levels.

Think about that for a minute, for about 20 lbs., you can have up to 150 feet of flexible netting that, when you are finished, you can roll up and take with you to reuse at your next location (provided you use new attachment hardware for each installation, of course).

Extremely Portable! - Guardian Debris Netting

In addition, when installed as a debris net (by using the bottom 8 inches of the net as a skirt – see instructions), it’s possible to eliminate heavy and cumbersome toeboards. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one solution?

Extremely Portable! - Guardian Debris Netting

And if you already have a traditional guardrail, such as one made with our C-Slab Grabbers and 2x4s, you can simply attach the netting to the guardrail without installing a steel cable for first-rate debris encasement. When used in this manner, be mindful if your location may experience high winds, and ensure netting is securely attached to guardrail in order to prevent sail effect.

Any Way You Like It!

Standard debris netting is available in 150 foot sections 4 and 5 ½ feet tall (blue and orange), and our Pro-Knit netting, which features a finer mesh, is available up to 15 feet tall! UV-stabilized, double-strand construction ensures worry-free performance even under the most adverse conditions.

No matter which configuration you choose, be it to keep workers safe, or to keep those below safe from falling objects (or both!), you can count on Guardian’s dedication to providing you with the highest quality Fall Prevention products on the market.