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Alright, admit it, you’ve wedged a rock under one foot of a ladder to get it straight. Or you’ve climbed up a ladder that was only slightly wonky because, well, there were no rocks handy. Or you have had to kick out a patch of soil to level a bump in the yard in order to make a place to settle a ladder foot. We’ve all done these – and worse, but I’m not going there. At least any more.

Keep A Level Head With A Level Ladder

That’s because the Basemate Ladder Leveler system makes all of those situations simply disappear. No longer will you have to cuss and fuss because there seems to never be a level spot where you need to put your ladder. No longer will you stand there trying this spot or that, kicking over rocks, tromping through the flower garden trying to find a safe spot to climb up, only to realize you have traded one hazard for another because now what you are trying to reach is four feet away from the ladder.

Fancy Footwork with the Basemate Ladder Leveler - Guardian Fall Protection

The Basemate Leveler attaches to just about any extension ladder, and its patented one-foot operation allows you to place your ladder wherever you want by simply stepping on a lever, leveling your ladder, and going to work. Working on a slight incline? No problem, just set, step, level, and go. And not only does the Basemate ensure proper level on uneven terrain, its wide stance increases stability, giving you more confidence and peace of mind when you are at heights. In addition, like most quality ladders, the Basemate’s self-adjusting feet can flip to expose claws for extra grip on slippery or soft ground.

Weighing in at approximately 17 lbs., and tested to support up to 1,200 lbs., the Basemate is an awesome addition to any compatible ladder, and we are confident that once you use the Basemate, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Check out our YouTube video below to see the Basemate in action!