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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Quick – think of an anchor! If you are anything like me, the first thing that comes to mind is that big, double-hooked and bechained behemoth hanging off the side of Blackbeard’s pirate ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge. (What, you thought Blackbeard was just a legend? Tsk tsk…au contraire…) Today though, I’m thinking Fall Protection, and specifically of an unassuming but incredibly strong anchor that practically fits in your pocket.

Light, but no lightweight

Guardian’s Wire Hook Anchor isn’t your ordinary anchor. Made of stainless steel and weighing about a pound, this handy anchor is the perfect solution for smaller I-Beams, scaffolding and railings (provided these connection points are sufficiently strong as determined by a Competent Person). The Wire Hook’s curved opening allows the anchor to trail along effortlessly behind you, allowing you maximum freedom while working. Its one-handed operation makes installation a breeze, literally squeeze, install over beam, release, and then get to work.

Wire HookAnchor

Industry Compliant

But don’t let the Wire Hook Anchor’s diminutive size and slim profile fool you. It is fully OSHA 1910 and 1926 §M compliant, as well as ANSI Z359.1-07 and A10.32-12. To translate, that means it is designed for workers from 130-310 pounds and maintains the 2:1 safety factor as required by OSHA. The Wire Hook Anchor is versatile, strong, and can be used in both Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest applications.

Wire Hook Anchor

Wire Hook Anchors Go Places Others Can't

The next time you are surveying a jobsite for applicable anchors, think outside of the box and consider the Wire Hook Anchor, it just might be the solution to a tricky application, or where you need an easy-to-relocate trailing anchor. In any case, always use proper fall protection, else, as Blackbeard learned, you risk ending up in Davy Jones’ locker…arghhh.

Wire HookAnchor