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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

My name is Arissa Mendiola, Training Coordinator of HART Height and Rescue Training by PSG. I have been with PSG since February of 2013. Before Pure Safety Group, I was working at a Copy and Print Center where I connected with the Director of Training. At the time, I was responsible for printing all of Guardian’s training material (workbooks, tests, wallet cards, etc.). With some familiarity with the training material, I applied for the Training Assistant position and the rest is history.


HART Height and Rescue Training by PSG has evolved into one of the leaders of Fall Protection training. Along with the division, my position with everyday operations has grown into an elaborate and fulfilling job. Coming from no previous fall protection background, I’ve learned an immense amount about fall protection, and the safety industry as a whole. My position involves all the “behind the scenes” work for our training courses. Some of my responsibilities include registration procedures, order entry, purchasing of training equipment/materials, shipping and receiving of training materials, as well as coordination of all in-house and offsite training courses just to name a few.




HART’s mission is to provide innovative solutions and educate the community to protect the workforce and save lives. Our mission is what makes working for HART so fulfilling. I’ve worked with passionate trainers, whose main focus is to educate their students so they go home to their families each night. That’s why we do what we do; we want our students to walk out of our class with the knowledge to keep them safe. Even though we are a Division of PSG, our sole purpose during training is not to sell products; our goal is to sell safety.

There’s often a misunderstanding surrounding fall protection safety training. Many take safety courses because it’s required of them, or because it gets them offsite for a couple of days. Our purpose is to spread the safety culture and let workers know there is more behind safety training than the laws that surround them.

The most important reason for taking one of our courses is YOU, and the people you are responsible for. Everyone has people out there that love them, everyone has hobbies and things they love to do, places they like to go and if you work at heights your life can potentially be in danger.

Why not get the education that will give you the knowledge so you can go home to the people who love you, and have the opportunities to do the things you enjoy doing?

We take pride in the caliber of training we offer, and in the number of students we touch through our mission. I believe that although I’m not in front of a class teaching, my role helps set the tone for the experience our students receive with HART Height and Rescue Training at PSG.