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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

It’s quite likely that at some point in your career of working at height you have been asked to attend some type of formal training. Continual education ensures that workers stay up to date with current OSHA regulations, fall protection technologies, and in general contributes to an overall safer workplace. Whether the need for training stems from your own interest or your employer has made it a requirement, knowing which type of training would best benefit you is a critical first step. For example,HART Training by PSG currently offers 16 individual classes – which one(s) should you choose?


Authorized Person - 4 hours

Consider this a basic introduction for anyone who might be exposed to a fall hazard at work. You’ll get a solid foundation of fall protection topics including selection and inspection of gear, fitting a harness, and connector compatibility. If you are new to working at height, this class is a must.


Fall Protection Awareness – 1.5 hours

Pull up a chair and gather ‘round. For this class, HART comes to your jobsite for a short demonstration of Fall Protection topics. Your team will learn the ABCs of Fall Protection, selection and inspection of gear, watch a live fall demo, and more! Not quite as in-depth as our in-class offerings, but an excellent way to spread Fall Protection knowledge when you can’t spare having your crew absent from the jobsite for an extended period of time.


Competent Person – 16 hours

Every jobsite needs an OSHA-compliant Competent Person. A step up from an Authorized Person, the Competent Person identifies AND eliminates potential fall hazards to promote the highest level of safety on the jobsite. Becoming a Competent Person is the next level of education, and prepares you for the added responsibilities of not only working safely, but actively inspecting a jobsite (and workers) and mitigating unsafe practices. This class is designed for all industries, residential or commercial and includes a variety of hands-on activities and in-person testing. After this class you’ll start seeing OSHA/safety violations everywhere (trust me, I do all the time). It’s a real eye-opener!


Competent Person w/ EM-385 - 24 hours

If you currently work on, or want to work on government or military construction projects, you MUST be EM-385 certified. There are different regulations for working in or around government facilities, and without this specialized training, you are simply not qualified to be present on these jobsites. Our EM-385 class is based on our Competent Person class but adds an additional day to cover all you’ll need to know to work on government projects.


Competent Person Refresher – 8 hours

All certified Competent Person’s need to be re-certified every two years. After all, regulations and technology change constantly. This class reviews Competent Person material, and refreshes the student on jobsite best practices.  One of the great benefits of this class is the real-life material brought in by the students after having spent two years as an active Competent Person. The stories sometimes boggle the mind! Stay up-to-date, stay fresh, stay safe! Prior Competent Person certification is required for enrollment in this class.

Competent Person Trainer – 40 Hours

The Competent Person Trainer (also known as Train the Trainer) is an intensive, 40-hour class that prepares students to conduct their own Competent Person classes. This is an excellent class for experienced workers in firms who need to regularly educate their workforce. The Competent Person Trainer will gain the expertise to teach fall safety regulations, lead demonstrations, teach inspections, and discuss the job specific duties of Authorized, Competent, and Qualified Persons. Basically, you become the point-person for your organization for all things Fall Protection. Not for the newcomer, this class is for advanced students who have an already-extensive knowledge of fall protection topics.  

Equipment Inspector – 6 hours

This is an equipment-focused class designed to delve deep into all facets of fall protection equipment.  This class is great for workers tasked with inspecting large amounts of a wide variety of gear. Add this to our Competent Person class and you are well-prepared to tackle any jobsite.


Authorized Rescue – 8 hours

Every jobsite needs a rescue plan, and this class prepares you to put that rescue plan into action. After you’ve taken our prerequisite Competent Person class, take your rescue knowledge to the next level with our Authorized Rescue class. This advanced class gets you on our training tower performing intensive rescue training for approximately four hours in addition to class time.


Confined Space Awareness– 8 Hours

This class gives the student a familiarity with OSHA regulations regarding confined spaces, and how to identify and classify hazards associated with them. This is a procedures-based class versus active confined space entry.


Confined Space Non-Entry Rescue– 16 Hours

Not for the claustrophobic. This class includes all of the information from our Confined Space Awareness class and adds information and procedures on confined space entry and atmospheric monitoring. Includes tripod, harness, and anchor usage, as well as topics on ventilation and permitting. Designed for those who work or supervise confined space operations.


Confined Space Entry Rescue – 24 Hours

The ultimate Confined Space class.  This class includes all of the information in our Confined Space Awareness and Entry classes but adds techniques of both vertical and horizontal rescue. The class also covers improvised harnesses and anchors, and topics on ventilation and atmospheric monitoring systems. If you work in or supervise confined spaces, this class is indispensable to keeping you and your workers safe on the job.


There you have it! A brief overview of the classes offered by PSG's HART Training division. If you have any questions, or better yet, want to sign up for a class (or two), give us a call at 1-800-466-6385 or send us an email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would be happy to help.