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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Now Available!! The Guardian Fall Protection Premium Halo Harness.

Guardian is pleased to announce the new Premium Halo Harness and Premium Halo Construction Harness. Based off of our popular Edge-series harnesses, the Premium Halo harness incorporates several design changes that take performance and comfort up a notch – or two.

The first change is the addition of Trauma Straps with every Halo harness. These indispensable accessories help prevent suspension trauma and increase comfort in the event of a fall by allowing you to stand upright while waiting for rescue. Other comfort-focused changes include removable leg pads, revised harness sizing for more precise fit, and narrower stitching on the chest buckle for a wider range of adjustment.



We’ve beefed-up the lanyard keepers, and added a second snap for greater adjustment and flexibility. The padded shoulder material now features reflective binding on all trimmed edges, and for models with the optional construction belt, we’ve tightened the belt loops to help keep your tools right where you want them. Roller buckles on the torso have been upgraded to a new model that is easier to use yet keeps webbing fully secure. Steel D-rings have been replaced with angled aluminum D-rings, which make attaching lanyards and SRL lifelines easier while at the same time shaving overall weight. In addition, all of the hardware has had a durable powder-coat finish applied.

And don't forget, the Halo Harness is compatible with our insulated Cool Pack thermal, and HydraPak hydration systems to keep you comfortable and hydrated on the hottest of days!

These upgrades combine to create the most comfortable and advanced full-body harness we’ve ever made. Why not try one yourself?


Click Here to Download the Full Comparison Sheet!