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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

With the recent launch of our Seraph full-body and construction sternal D-ring harnesses, let’s answer the question that more than a few of you must be asking: What can I use a sternal D-ring for?

Safety While Climbing

Sternal D-Ring


The sternal D-ring, while limited in its application, is designed for a few specific types of work conditions. The most common use is while climbing on a fixed-ladder system, which consists of a permanently-installed metal ladder with a tensioned steel cable that runs the full length of the ladder (think of a water tower or antenna).  The user connects to the steel cable via a unidirectional cable grab and climbs in safety to whatever height is needed. Using the sternal D-ring in this manner provides full Fall Arrest capability with up to 2’ of free fall, allowing the user to climb without having to periodically reconnect to an anchor.

Sternal D-Ring in Action


Use It Wisely

Keep in mind that when using the sternal D-ring in this manner, although it might look like a form of Work Positioning, it’s not. While ascending a ladder, don’t be tempted to just stop and do some work while leaning back or hanging from the cable; the system is not designed for this type of use. When you need to stop and work mid-span, you’ll need a Work Positioning system as your main means of support.

Just In Case...

Sternal D-rings can also be used for Rescue/Retrieval operations, and also Fall Restraint depending on manufacturer recommendations. As always, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or your onsite Competent Person to ensure the manner in which you want to use a sternal D-ring is compatible with your needs.