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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

 Introducing the Guardian Fall Protection Hawk Harness!


noun | \’fan\
1. an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, team, etc.
2. you


Just because you work 12 stories up doesn’t mean you can’t show your hometown pride! Let everyone know whose team you’re on with Guardian Fall Protection’s new Hawk Harness! We’ve taken our popular Velocity harness and BOOM! infused it with all the power of the green and blue!


Hawk Harness x560.jpg


Loud?  You bet it is, just like the 67,000 cheering fans at the game! Your coworkers will be able to spot you far across the jobsite as you walk the, er… gridiron. And if you want to wear it while you munch nachos and watch the game, hey, go for it – who are we to say no?
The Hawk Harness is ANSI Z359.11-2014 compliant, and we are taking orders now. Or, if you want call an audible, we can also customize other harnesses with this same material – just make the call today to get yours!



To order, visit the Hawk Harness Product Page
or contact our sales team today!

Call: (800) 466-6385
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