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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

No matter what type of gear you end up using, there is a key factor in ensuring its working condition, and that is proper maintenance. Frankly, you’d be shocked to see some of the pictures of used products we have seen. Perhaps the most shocking part is the fact that workers are still relying on these abused products to keep them safe at height! Lunacy! Here, see what I mean?



SRL with wire debris and activated load indicator


SRL run over by skid-steer


Whether you are hosting or attending a Stand-Down event this week, make sure to take an extra moment to make sure that the equipment you rely on is being treated properly. Remember, keep your harnesses and any webbing-based gear away from sharp/rough surfaces, and if they become dirty, use only water or a mild soap and water solution to clean them. Powerful cleaners might make your harness or lanyard look sparkly new, but they can also compromise the material’s integrity.


Guardian Promo Bag


In addition to keeping webbing clean, also take care to store your harnesses and lanyards in a cool, dry place that is free of moisture AND UV rays (UV can degrade webbing integrity over time). If your gear happens to get wet over the course of the day, don’t just toss it in the back of your truck and leave it until the next day. That will only encourage the growth of mildew. Your best bet is to let it hang in a dry place overnight, where all of the webbing surface is exposed, so it can dry slowly (don’t use a hair dryer!).

Once your gear is dry and clean, it’s an excellent idea to store it in a dedicated bag such as our Guardian Promo bag, or our handy Ultra-Sack Backpack. That way everything is together, protected, and ready to go. Just like you probably don’t (or shouldn’t) keep your camping equipment strewn across the garage, or rolling around in the back of your car, neither should your lifesaving equipment be treated in a similar way. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.


Ultra-Sack Backpack