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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

As we spoke about yesterday, keeping your fall protection equipment in tip-top shape is of critical importance to keeping you safe. As a part of that process, regular inspections are probably the best way to keep an eye on your gear and allow you to take preemptive action if you encounter a problem. But how often is “regular”?


According to OSHA 1926.502(d)(21): Personal fall arrest systems shall be inspected prior to each use for wear, damage and other deterioration, and defective components shall be removed from service.

ANSI A10.32-2012 states: All fall protection equipment shall be inspected at least every six months after initial service by a competent person.

ANSI Z359 states: Equipment shall be inspected by the user before each use and, additionally, by a competent person other than the user at intervals of no more than one year.


Inspection criteria for the equipment shall be set by the users’ organization. Such criteria shall equal or exceed the greater of the criteria established by the standard or the manufacturer’s instructions.

In a nutshell, inspect your gear, personally, before each use. And at least once a year (or more frequently if required by the manufacturer), have your gear inspected by a jobsite Competent Person. Guardian requires all of our equipment to be inspected by a Competent Person at least every six months. As ANSI says, the point of a second inspection is for …guarding against oversight in the detecting and controlling against the use of defective, damaged, and improperly maintained equipment. It’s pretty clear: the more eyes you have inspecting your gear, the more opportunities there are to catch any problems.

To help you perform and maintain a log of gear inspections, we’ve created a series of product-specific forms to help guide you. To get yours, click on the images below to download the individual forms you need.


                                                                      Inspection form Harness.jpg   Inspection form Lanyard.jpg   Inspection form SRL.jpg

                                                                      Inspection forms Anchor.jpg   Inspection forms HLL.jpg   Inspection forms VLL.jpg