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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

I'll be honest. I've never been crazy about climbing on ladders. I can't really trace it back to any particularly traumatizing event or anything. I suppose it's just that bit of me that knows I've fallen before and if I fell from a ladder, it could be very bad. If I deconstruct it, I know that I don't actually mind being on the ladder and once I've gotten to where I'm climbing to I'm pretty cool with that. It's the getting off and getting onto the ladder that gets me.

It turns out my fears in this case aren't entirely unjustified. The vast majority of ladder accidents happen during that transition from roof to ladder or ladder to roof. The reasons run the gamut from the ladder not being securely placed against the structure to just a misplaced foot.

Guardian's Safe-T Ladder Extension System gives you something to hold onto as you get to the top of the ladder. It's a simple lightweight extension that attaches to just about any ladder and creates handrails for those few transition moments. It's a simple solution for a simple problem and it's the first Guardian item I made sure I had at my home.

While the Safe-T Ladder Extension System will help you getting onto or off of the ladder, there are of course other things to take into account when using a ladder. Most of these seem like common sense things, but somehow they are still often overlooked. Making sure your ladder is securely placed on the ground is the most important thing you can do to ensure your safety when using a ladder. Sometimes this is more difficult because the ground is uneven.

This is where Guardian's Ladder Leveler can come in handy. The Guardian Ladder Leveler easily attaches to the bottom of most extension ladders and then adjusts to the ground to make a secure and level base from which to work.

Making sure the ladder is secure and that you can easily get onto and off of the ladder are just two of the things you need to pay attention to when working on a ladder. Also make sure that your ladder is leaning against a structure that will support both the weight of the ladder and anyone who might be using it. Be aware of any nearby electrical lines and take the necessary precautions. The last and perhaps most common mistake is carrying anything in your hands while climbing the ladder. If it's something small, put it in your pocket. If it's something large, use a bucket and a tether. Almost half of all falls from ladders happen while people are carrying things.

The Safe-T Ladder Extension System and Ladder Leveler can't save you from all ladder mishaps, but it makes for a safer working environment which is always good peace of mind.