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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Every year more than 165,000 people require medical treatment for ladder-related injuries according the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. While there are many causes for a ladder related injury, one of the most common problems with using a ladder is keeping it level. Martin Dennis knows this first hand and he’s invented a solution. Now thanks to a new partnership with Guardian Fall Protection, he’s bringing that solution to the masses..

It was 2001. Martin Dennis owned Precision Gutters in Canada. He was a very hands-on owner and quickly determined a recurring problem on jobsites. Often his employees would arrive at a client’s house to do a gutter installation and find uneven ground to work on. The result was time lost either modifying the ground or improvising a leveler, such as stacking pieces of wood under one leg of the ladder. Dennis found these solutions unacceptable. In many cases they were just as dangerous as using an uneven ladder. Dennis’ previous experience manufacturing ultra-light airplane kits gave him the knowledge he needed to come up with a solution. Over the course of a few years, he developed a device he calls the BaseMate.

“I invented the BaseMate to make my workers safe. Now they won’t go on a ladder without one.” Martin Dennis said in an interview recently.

The BaseMate is an arc of steel with two wide rubber tread feet. It easily attaches to the bottom of a ladder and clamps onto it. This immediately gives the ladder a wider, more secure base. The BaseMate can be used on aluminum, wood, or fiberglass ladders. “The BaseMate instantaneously creates a level platform for a ladder on uneven terrain.” Dennis said, “Best of all, it can be adjusted using just one foot so that both hands can remain on the ladder.”.

Martin Dennis’ invention caught the eye of Guardian Fall Protection’s Ed Marquardt. “The exceptional quality of the BaseMate makes it a perfect fit with our other products.” Ed said directly after finalizing a partnership with Dennis in which Guardian Fall Protection is the exclusive provider of the BaseMate.

Dennis said, “Guardian’s progressive thinking on new and innovative products made it the most well suited company for the BaseMate.” Guardian Fall Protection has been in business for over fifteen years and has become one of the leaders in the Fall Protection Industry.

This isn’t the first time Guardian has found a useful invention and helped an inventor bring it to market. Guardian’s BMR 2000 was the result of a similar endeavor. The BMR 2000 has gone on to be one of the industry standards in adjustable anchor points. Martin Dennis’ BaseMate looks like it will have similar success.