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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Per ANSI Z359.13-2009, there are very specific restrictions and limitations for fall arrest. For example, in a 6 foot freefall, the maximum amount of force allowed for a worker to endure is 1,800 pounds and the average amount of force cannot exceed 900 pounds. In a 12 foot freefall the maximum force allowed remains the same but the average is allowed to increase to 1,350 pounds because of the increased distance of the fall.

In understanding the facts of a fall, gravity is an interesting animal. If you were to fall 6 feet without fall arrest, you would subject your body to 2,400 pounds of force at impact and take slightly more than ½ of a second. A 12 foot freefall would result in 3,600 pounds of force at impact and still take less than a second. Your internal organs would not survive any of the scenarios without serious damage or even death.

Unfortunately, statistics are slow in emerging, but some interesting facts for statistic available from 2007 show that 25% of all fall fatalities occurred from heights ranging from 11-20 feet. Also, 53% of all falls occurred at a height of 10 feet or less. The most important statistic is that most victims of these falls were not using fall protection.

That is the reason we are here. Guardian conducts extensive testing of its products to insure that you or your fellow workers do not become one of these statistics.

We pride ourselves in our abilities to recognize and identify the risks and dangers that you as a user of fall protection products subject yourselves to in performing your daily jobs.