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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

The Guardian Fall Protection Beamer™ 3000 is undergoing an exciting product change! Long a mainstay in the industry thanks to its superior durability and performance, the Beamer™ 3000 installs to I or H beams of a wide variety of widths and thicknesses and slides smoothly along the beam during work.

And now, as part of Guardian’s mission to provide innovative solutions to our customers, the Beamer™ 3000 will be manufactured with a swivel D-ring to provide even more freedom of movement. Never again worry about unsnagging a connector or a lifeline when working at heights with the new and improved Beamer™ 3000!

Please contact Guardian Fall Protection with any questions or for any additional product information.

Click here to request a quote on our newly improved Beamer™ 3000!

Beamer™ 3000