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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Guardian Fall Protection is proud to announce the release of our new Surfacetech series of products.

It is an unfortunate reality that jobsites where workers are required to use fall protection equipment are often extremely dirty. Consequently, keeping equipment clean is a frequent challenge. But by using products made from Surfacetech webbing, equipment cleanliness is much easier to maintain.

Surfacetech webbing is molecularly altered to form microscopic peaks and valleys in the webbing fiber, which functions to greatly reduce the surface area that comes in contact with contaminants. Thinner, less viscous substances like paint or chemicals will simply run off the surface of the webbing, while heavier substances like mud or tar are easily removed with water.

Certain models of harnesses, lanyards, and cross arm straps are all available with Surfacetech webbing, meaning a complete personal fall arrest system can be assembled with this innovative, contaminant-resistant material.

Please contact Guardian Fall Protection with any questions or for any additional information.

Surfacetech Series