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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Guardian’s new Big Boss HLL Kit is the perfect solution for jobsites requiring multiple workers who need a lot of room to roam. With a length of 82’ and the ability to handle two workers in Fall Arrest, the Big Boss HLL can give your workers a safe solution they can live with!

The Big Boss HLL Kit includes the Big Boss HLL with rope tensioner, 3-Pack of HitchClip anchors, and a durable storage sack to keep it all in. It is lightweight (about 20 lb.), portable, and incredibly strong.

The included HitchClip anchors can also be used as individual tie-off points when not used in conjunction with the Big Boss, but when HLL functionality is needed, re-installation of the Big Boss couldn’t be easier - simply attach, tension, tie-in, and go. Additional HitchClip anchors are available to make pre-installation at multiple sites incredibly easy.

The Big Boss HLL Kit is an extremely functional and versatile solution for a wide variety of rooftop applications. Find out more by visiting our Big Boss HLL Kit page and get a quote today!

Big Boss HLL Kit