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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Once a fall occurs, it is critical that a rescue plan be put in to motion. To help expedite worker rescue, Guardian is proud to announce our new 18’ Rescue Ladder Kit.

The Rescue Ladder Kit consists of a lightweight web ladder, double-locking carabiner, and integrated high-visibility storage bag. Upon onset of a rescue, attach carabiner to nearest anchor and drop ladder to worker. The Rescue Ladder’s 1’ rung spacing makes climbing easy to assist in getting the victim to safety.

The 18’ Rescue Ladder is also available with an optional belay system which allows the rescuer to assist in the recovery of a fallen worker. Recovering a fallen worker quickly helps prevent the potentially fatal condition of orthostatic intolerance that may occur during a fall.

Every jobsite should have access to a rescue ladder, and at under 8 lb., Guardian’s 18’ Rescue Ladder is an easy choice. Don’t leave your workers hanging in the event of a fall, do what it takes to get them to safety quickly.

Click here to see the Rescue Ladder in action and to get your quote today!

Rescue Ladder Kit