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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Guardian is pleased to announce the release of the new Ground-Up Anchor System. The Ground-Up Anchor System allows the user to safely install an overhead Fall Arrest anchor into a pre-installed receptacle, ensuring immediate protection on the job.

The Ground-Up Anchor System allows workers to tie in without the danger of climbing unprotected to reach remote anchor points. The cast-in receptacles (available for both wood and metal decking) are reusable and can also be used after initial construction during remodels or demolition.

The Guardian-exclusive Ground-Up Anchor weighs in at just under a pound, has a worker capacity of 130-420 lb., and is fully OSHA and ANSI compliant. Its swiveling D-Ring allows maximum worker reach, and its ease of install and removal via the use of the Remote Grip System allows workers to relocate to new work areas quickly and safely.

For more information or to get a quote, visit the Ground-Up Anchor on Guardian’s website.

Ground-Up Anchor System