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If you are looking for an easy-to-install trailing beam anchor, check out our new Roller Sling Anchor. Simply wrap around the beam (or other approved structural anchor), attach an SRL or lanyard, and get to work.

The Roller Sling Anchor is made from tough polyurethane rollers strung on high-tensile steel aircraft cable, and is available in 2’ and 3’ lengths to fit a wide variety of applications. Its easy-rolling design allows the worker plenty of freedom to move, yet offers the security of a fixed anchor.

The Roller Sling Anchor can even be used in a vertical configuration to extend an already-existing anchor to increase ease of connectivity in situations where a few extra feet of anchor are desired. No matter which configuration you use, you can count on the Roller Sling Anchor’s robust design to keep you safe.

Call us or visit our Roller Sling Anchor page for more information and a quote.

Roller Sling Anchor