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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

February 29th, 2012 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

KENT, WASHINGTON — Guardian Fall Protection announced today the release of an industry first: a feature packed, budget friendly fall protection harness line up, the Velocity Economy Harnesses. Each Velocity harness features dual lanyard keepers that reduce the risk of dragging and snagging lanyards. A special identification label allows employees to personalize their harness without jeopardizing the integrity of the webbing. The harness also comes equipped with finished webbing ends to prevent damage as well as providing a clean, professional look. Perhaps the most unique features is the red webbing core of the harness, which provides a visual warning to the user in the case that the webbing has been damaged and should be taken out of service.

According to Jasson Farrier, VP of Guardian, “The Velocity series harnesses provide a worker comfort and safety on par with the rest of Guardian’s product line, but they have an additional feature. The “Web Wear” stitching that allows for easy inspection. This harness was developed after extensive research from our production and manufacturing division through working with end users. The Velocity will eventually replace our legendary ‘HUV’ product line that so many contractors have grown to love. We are simply adding features and making a better product, while maintaining quality at a solid price.”

The Velocity has a variety of different configurations that you can choose from, which include: chest and leg pass thru buckles, chest pass thru buckle and leg tongue buckles and (in the near future) 3 D-rings. The Velocity Economy Harnesses is more than just the tired old basic harness. It is a brand of quality never seen before in an economy style harness.

If you would like more information about this product, please visit contact your local sales associate at 1.614.846.2525.

Guardian Fall Protection is an international leader of fall protection, engineered systems and ladder safety products. Our brands include Guardian, ESG, Framepro, and Qualcraft industries. We strive for the high quality at a competitive price. All of our products are designed to meet or exceed any applicable ANSI and OSHA requirements.