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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Guardian Fall Protection is excited to announce the re-release of our newly upgraded Collapsible Guardrail System.

Previously, our Collapsible Guardrail System was designed to only collapse in a single direction. While still an effective piece of equipment, this limitation could have potentially resulted in longer or more difficult set-up and tear down.

It is our vision at Guardian to always be the customers’ first choice in fall protection and safety gear, so when we saw an opportunity to improve our product, we acted. We removed the old design of the Collapsible Guardrail System from our product offering, and dedicated ourselves to designing a system capable of collapsing in both directions.

Now, it is not necessary to consider the orientation of the system prior to installation. Simply install like any other guardrail, and take full advantage of the collapsible feature at any time.

Collapsible Guardrail Bracket