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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

In our ongoing efforts to constantly provide products that meet the highest standards of performance, Guardian Fall Protection continuously reviews existing product to assess the need for any design changes. It is our vision at Guardian to be the market’s first choice for fall protection and safety products, and we know sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest differences.

The Edge Tower Harness is one such product that recently underwent two small design changes. First, the buckles connecting the seat to the main body of the harness have been changed to our standard quick-connect buckles. Quick-connect buckles are sturdier, and are easier to operate compared to the previous buckle type. Second, the metal clips used to hold the waist belt in place have been changed to four web straps sewn to the belt via box stitches. The removal of these metal components eliminates four potential wear points on the belt.

Always an example of a premium harness in the marketplace, the Edge Tower Harness is now even better suited to meet your needs.

Please contact Guardian Fall Protection with any questions or for any additional product information.

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Premium Edge Tower Harness