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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Guardian Fall Protection is constantly in the process of reviewing existing product design to determine if every product is the best it can possibly be. After all, why settle for exceeding expectations when we can blow them out of the water? If there is ever an opportunity to improve product performance and customer satisfaction, whether big or small, we’re going to take it.

Recently, one such improvement was made to the Premium Edge Construction Harness series of products. On Edge Harnesses, the harness waist belt is designed with a cover that functions to help protect the waist belt from damage or contamination. Previously, this cover did not extend to the very end of the belt, thereby at least potentially allowing for contaminants or other hazards to contact the belt itself. Now, however, the cover extends to the end of the belt and is sewn securely down, greatly reducing the risk for this portion of the harness to come into contact with hazards.

And there we have it; simply adding a small section of material to each end of the waist belt cover makes the harness more resistant to contamination (not to mention makes it more aesthetically appealing!). Edge Harnesses from Guardian Fall Protection have long been some of the best available in the market, and are now even better!

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Premium Edge Construction Harness