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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Please be aware that the Guardian Fall Protection BMR Anchor family of products (part #s 00110, 00120, and 00133) is officially being discontinued. BMR Anchors are high-quality and versatile anchors for use in combination with steel I-beams, but are made redundant by Guardian’s wide selection of other Beamer™ products, such as the Beamer™ 2000 (part # 00101), the Minotaur Beamer™ (part # 00106), and more.

BMR Anchors will no longer be available once current stock is depleted, so customers are encouraged to act soon if in need of this product, or prepare to transition to an equivalent Beamer™ product.

Please contact Guardian Fall Protection at 1-800-466-6385 with any questions or for any additional information.

Phase Out: BMR Anchor