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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

More than forty feet above ground level, the SAS Global facility rooftop was in need of a fall protection solution that would provide safe access for both maintenance and inspection personnel.  

After installing an exterior vertical ladder to provide permanent safe means of access and egress, SAS Global instituted a 100% fall protection tie-off policy that required a horizontal lifeline system to safely access to all areas of their rooftop. 

ESG worked closely with SAS Global to design a custom horizontal lifeline system that would allow a worker to easily stay attached while accessing the roof.  

Considering the high frequency of falls from height occur during the transition from ladder to rooftop, attention to detail proved crucial with this project.  The first anchor of the horizontal lifeline was located within an arm’s reach of the ladder landing, such that a worker could safety transition from the ladder safety climbing device to the rooftop horizontal lifeline while maintaining 100% tie-off. 

In consideration of the exposed metal decking panels that composed the SAS Global facility rooftop, ESG utilized the new XMD anchor. This particular anchor attaches with rivets and incorporates shock absorption technology to reduce loads that are imparted on the structure in the event of a fall.  

After installation, a horizontal load test was performed on the XMD anchor to ensure that the anchor, the structure, and the anchor-to-structure connection was adequately designed and installed for fall protection usage.

In total, this particular custom horizontal lifeline system was composed of seven XMD anchors and 204 lineal feet of horizontal lifeline and allowed our client to ensure a 100% fall protection tie-off policy.


Elko, NV


ESG Design Engineer, Stephanie Campagna - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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