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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

General Partnership’s advanced treatment plant required a horizontal lifeline that would allow maintenance workers to safely access the plant’s rooftop vegetation and equipment.

In designing the system, ESG incorporated Guardian Fall Protection’s hybrid horizontal lifeline and hybrid anchor posts. These anchor points would be attached to the construction roof trusses via a thru-bolted backer plate connection.

ESG worked closely with SAS Global to design a custom horizontal lifeline system that would allow a worker to easily stay attached while accessing the roof.

An ESG representative ensured a successful installation of the stainless steel horizontal lifeline components and later load tested the installed anchors to ensure that design load requirements were met.

This particular horizontal lifeline system spanned approximately 170 feet of the facility’s ‘green’ roof.


Fort Thomas, KY


ESG Lead Design Engineer, Nathan Louws - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.