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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Kalihi Kai Elementary School in Hawaii consists of five buildings with six different roof levels. As recognized by the Hawaii Department of Education, the rooftops for this particular facility would need to provide continual safe access for workers who would be performing future routine maintenance and leak repair.

ESG determined that stainless steel cable linked horizontal lifelines would provide Kalihi Kai Elementary with the fall protection system needed to grant safe roof top access across all parts of its facility. The installed horizontal lifelines were located such that workers can tie-off at the point of roof access and remained tie-off during access to the rest of the rooftop.

In total, 26 single point fall protection anchors were installed to provide 697 lineal feet of ‘hands-free’ horizontal lifeline so that workers can freely walk past an intermediate without the need to detach and reattach their connecting lanyard.

While a system being hands-free may not seem important, ESG has found that it is frequently the difference between workers finding a system easy to use versus not worth the time to utilize. Our design goal is to always provide systems that are so easy-to-use that workers will find it a natural part of their work day rather than a hindrance.



Honolulu, Hawaii

System Designer

ESG Lead Design Engineer, Stephanie Campagna - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.