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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

In Olympia, Century Link’s service operating center required a pass-thru horizontal lifeline assembly to provide maintenance workers safe access to the building’s rooftop gutters and mechanical units on the roof while remaining tied-off at all times.

ESG provided stamped shop drawings with anchor point and horizontal lifeline layouts, including custom baseplates to match the unique profile of the standing seam metal roof.

To verify the connection of the baseplates to the rooftop, a qualified ESG field representative needed to conduct a pull test on site. And so, two fall protection anchors were installed and tested with an in‐line load cell and cable winch on the rooftop.

Using a two‐ton winch puller, the fall protection anchors were loaded to forces exceeding 1,800 pounds (the maximum arrest force required by ANSI Z359-2007) and held for three minutes. The applied force is above the average load the anchors will see in the event of a fall incident when used with proper fall protection devices.

Upon success of the pull test, all anchors were installed on the rooftop with the ESG representative overviewing the installation of the entire XS Horizontal Lifeline Assembly.

In total, eight hundred and twenty feet (820’) of stainless steel cable was set-up to coordinate with twenty-six (26) galvanized steel anchors to produce the ideal anchor system for keeping workers safe and efficient.


Olympia, WA


ESG Design Engineer, Andrew McPhearson


ESG Lead Project Manager, Casey Wong This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.