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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

ESG is committed to providing excellent customer service as well as innovative solutions to design fall protection for our clients. Recently, ESG had the opportunity to collaborate with Compass General Construction to design a horizontal lifeline for a new luxury apartment building in West Seattle.

In order to establish the design criteria that would best meet the customer’s needs and constraints, ESG Design Engineer, Xin Cai, attended a pre-design conference with the architect and contractor. The demanding timeline of the project required the management team to maintain constant attention coordinating the submittal process and custom fabrication in order to meet the client’s expectations. To verify the ability of the structure to withstand the forces of a fall, the contractor requested that ESG provide a pull test to be performed on 100% of the anchors.

In order to provide fall protection safety during the construction stage (prior to the installation of the horizontal lifeline), temporary D-bolt anchors were supplied to connect directly to the permanently installed CB-anchors.

Based on the conclusions of the load testing conducted, it was verified that the fall protection anchor attachments are structurally adequate to withstand the loads of a fall when used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and ANSI/ASSE Z359.1 Personal Fall Protection Equipment. The testing conducted supports compliance with OSHA and ANSI regulations for personal fall protection systems.

We are now waiting for the roof to be completed and look forward to going out to this site again for the supervised installation of the lifeline, and to see the progress of the building’s construction.


Seattle, WA


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