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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Avalon Bay is a new apartment building under construction in the heart of Hayes Valley, San Francisco. ESG is careful to ensure our systems are compliant with both the federal standards (OSHA / ANSI / IWCA) and state specific standards.

In the case of California, CalOSHA chapter 4 section 3291(f) states that:

“Every building constructed 3 stories or 36 feet or more in height, shall have roof tie-backs or other permanent devices installed at the roof level for the purpose of securing or tying back suspended scaffold hooks or clamps and safety lines.” And also states that “Assembly and anchorage provisions adequate to sustain a 5000 pound load applied in any direction without permanent deformation.”

Compare this to OSHA section 1926.502(d)(15) requirements, which allows deformation at 5000 pound ultimate load. In order for the fall protection design to comply to this state specific standard, ESG custom fabricated an anchor with a larger diameter stanchion as well as a unique 2-inch inside diameter cat eye u-bar.

ESG custom designed, engineered, and fabricated sixty-four (64) 18” tie back anchors for this apartment building. In order to verify the connection design (in this case designed by the project’s Engineer of Record), ESG performed an initial load test on the first installed anchor prior to the full system installation.

Upon the completion of the installation, ESG mobilized a second time to perform an onsite horizontal verification pull test on 100% of the installed anchors per ESG’s professional engineer’s testing procedure. To perform this test, a properly calibrated horizontal pull test kit was used with a force of 2500 pounds and held for 3 minutes. Each anchor passed with no permanent deflection or deformation.


San Francisco, CA


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