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The Guardian Fall Team Blog

Western Washington University required a fall protection system for the Shannon Point Marine Research center located in Anacortes, WA. The fall protection system was to include horizontal lifelines capable of securing 2 users in fall arrest, or 4 users in fall restraint, and was to be designed and manufactured by a party with at least 10 years of continuous experience in manufacturing and successful in-service acceptability and performance.

The architect-specified XS Platforms’ Xtrusion anchor was deemed inadequate for use on the standing seam metal roof. The aluminum roofing material lacked sufficient strength to carry the loads transferred from the Xtrusion, having only (4) S-5-U attachment clamps.

To meet the load requirement specified in OSHA 1926.502(d)(8), ESG designed custom base plates to utilize (10) S-5-U clamps. These base plates were designed to be compatible with the architect specified XS Platform Horizontal Lifeline components.

The installation of the base plates and horizontal life line components was performed by Certified Installer, Revolution Custom Builders. Upon completion of the installation, Revolution Custom Builders offered training to the end user on the use, maintenance, and warranty requirements of the custom system.


Anacortes, WA


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