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The general contractor for the project installed Guardian Fall Protection manufactured CB-18 anchors. Each of these anchor points were installed with four 5/8” diameter, grade 8 threaded rod assemblies that were thru-bolted to four backing plates on the underside of the existing pre-stressed concrete panels. Additionally, the anchors were secured with four ½” diameter concrete bolts fastened into the concrete topping slab.

The design loads, structural calculations, and in-house test reports of the CB-18 were communicated to the general contractor and, in turn, the structural engineer for the building confirmed that the roof structure could withstand design loads. In order to certify the installation of the CB-18 anchors, the general contractor hired ESG’s on-site technical services to inspect, test, and certify the anchor points.

The on-site ESG Field Representative load tested each installed fall protection anchor to a proof load of 2,500 pounds that was held for three minutes. All anchors were inspected before and after testing and were determined to be adequate to resist design loads. The anchor inspection and observation looked specifically for any visual signs of concrete cracking, anchor plastic deformation, or fastener detachment.

After on-site testing was completed, the ESG Field Representative completed a load test and certification report for the general contractor to include in their building turnover documentation.


Pensacola, FL

Field Representative

VP of ESG, Bradley Dillon - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.