We at Guardian Fall Protection are excited to announce that we will be moving our company headquarters to a new building, located at 6305 S 231st Street, Kent, WA 98032. Only a few minutes away from our current location, this new facility brings with it a multitude of benefits both for us and those with whom we do business.

Like with any move, there are a number of tasks and responsibilities that need to be completed to ensure the fluidity of the entire process. And, like with everything we do at Guardian, any effect this move may have on our customers and distributors is our paramount consideration.

We anticipate a full continuation of our services during this process, but in the event of a day that we foresee any service might be limited, we will keep all applicable parties in the loop, and will proactively flex any necessary work to the day before or the day after in order to minimize any potential delays. Inventory will begin being relocated the week of February 4th, 2013, staff will begin moving the week of February 25th, 2013, and we anticipate the entire process will be completed by March 4th, 2013.

Our new building offers a number of exciting features, including a significantly larger warehouse and an increased number of shipping bays, which will allow us to keep our entire inventory under the same roof, and will contribute to an enhanced efficiency in meeting shipping needs and deadlines. We will also have the opportunity to expand our training facilities, and (as those who have been guests at our present location know all too well) our current parking crunch will be a thing of the past.

While our address is changing, our current phone number and extensions are staying the same, so please contact us at 1-800-466-6385 with any questions or concerns.

We look forward to welcoming everyone in to our new facility!

Please update any applicable system information:

New Address - Guardian Fall Protection HQ

6305 S 231st St
Kent, WA 98032