Guardian Fall Protection is excited to announce the rebranding of a selection of our self-retracting lifelines (SRLs). We have already begun the process, and we wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at what SRL parts will be affected by the rebrand, as well as detail why Guardian is moving forward with this plan.

First and foremost, product part numbers are not changing, and there will be no physical or performance-based changes made to any product.

All the SRLs you know and love will be exactly the same in respect to functionality; they are simply getting updated with new labeling to reflect the brand reorganization.

What SRLs are being impacted right now?

All Edge Series SRLs will be rebranded as Halo SRLs.

All Edge SRLs will be rebranded as Halo SRLs

Why The Name Change?

With the release of the ANSI Z359.14 fall protection standard, a new class of SRLs was introduced: SRL-LE. These are retractables that are rated for use in Leading Edge (LE) applications, in which the potential exists for the lifeline to impact the edge of the fall hazard.

Not all Edge Series SRLs are rated for use in LE applications, so Guardian felt it was essential to update this product brand to eliminate any potential confusion regarding permitted applications.

What's Next?

The Yellow Jacket Series SRLs are being folded in to the Velocity SRL Series.

The Yellow Jacket Series SRLs are being folded in to the Velocity SRL Series

The Daytona Series SRLs are being folded in to the Diablo Cable Series.

The Daytona Series SRLs are being folded in to the Diablo Cable Series

Why Are Those Changing Too?

One of our goals at Guardian is to offer products to customers that are simple to understand and easy to use. The majority of our SRLs are organized into three main brands: the Edge Series (soon to be rebranded as Halo), the Diablo Series, and the Velocity Series. Other “one-off” brands, such as the Yellow Jacket and Daytona, can easily be incorporated into these brands to make SRL selection even simpler.

And one more time, all product part numbers are staying the same, and no physical changes to products are being made other than updated labeling.

More Questions?

As might be expected, during this period of transition, some SRLS will still be shipped with the previous Edge branding while existing supplies are exhausted. Don’t Worry! The only change to the product is the name and label, so you can rest assured if you get an Edge-labelled SRL you are still getting the same high-quality product you have come to rely on from Guardian.

Please contact Guardian’s friendly customer service department at 1-800-466-6385 or your local sales territory representative with any questions!