Guardian is pleased to announce we are now offering Tuff Built's extensive line of fall protection and confined space equipment.

Tuff Built specializes in vertical and horizontal entry/extraction systems, and portable hoists and davits for the most challenging fall protection/rescue operations. Tuff Built's products are designed to be lightweight and dependable, and are easy to setup and adjust.




PRO-1 Series Best Winches are a robust solution for personnel handling in any application and attach easily and securely using the proprietary Tuff-Klik toolless/pinless mounting system.




Tuff Built Tri-Post PRO-2 and PRO-3 adjustable anchors are compatible with a wide variety of substrates and are available in heights up to 14'. The Tri-Post offers up to three anchor points suitable for fall arrest, and allows a 360 degree working radius.



Our initial stocking list will include the following products, however, we are able to special order any product in the entire Tuff Built line.


  • TB20035 PRO-3 Hoist System Kit
  • TB20080 PRO-3 Heavy Duty Hoist System Kit
  • TB30106 PRO-3 Davit (19.5" - 29"" reach 76" - 85.5" height)
  • TB30107 PRO-3 Davit (19.5" - 29"" reach 99.75" - 108.5" height)
  • TB30231 PRO-3 Heavy Duty Davit (33" - 42" reach 91" - 100" height)
  • TB30332 4-Point Wall Mount Base
  • TB30031 Floor Mount Base
  • TB30336 PRO-2 Heavy Duty Vehicle Hitch Mount Base
  • TB30137 PRO-3 Series Tri-Post (3 anchor points, 30" - 55" height)
  • TB30147 PRO-2 Series Tri-Post (2 anchor points, 71" - 171" height)
  • TB60217 PRO-1 Best Winch (60' x 3/16" stainless steel cable)
  • TB606218 PRO-1 Best Winch (100' x 3/16" stainless steel cable)
  • TB60141 PRO-1 Tuff-Klik Winch bracket (for 62mm tube)
  • TB60142 PRO-1 Tuff-Klik Winch bracket (for 68mm tube)
  • TB60682 3-Way SRL Mounting Bracket (PRO-1, PRO-3, PRO-4 tripods)
  • TB60686 3-Way SRL Mounting Bracket (PRO-3 davits)
  • TB60687 3-Way SRL Mounting Bracket (PRO-2 and PRO-3 HD davits)


For more information, visit the Tuff Built product pages here, or contact Guardian customer service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..