Guardian Fall Protection, a leading provider of fall protection equipment, announced today that they have acquired Trojan Tools, the most reputable manufacturer of power tool accessories in the United States. The purpose behind this acquisition is to promote the product line expansion for Guardian's subsidiary company, Qualcraft Industries.

Qualcraft Industries will leverage Trojan Tools' products to further diversify its product line for their customers. Qualcraft Industries is in the process of assuming all manufacturing and distribution rights. Customers are now able to purchase Trojan Tools' products directly from Qualcraft via Trojan Tools current phone/fax lines or Qualcraft's direct phone line.

Trojan Tools, which will continue to operate under that name, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian Fall Protection.

Jeff O'Mealy, president of Trojan Tools, quoted, "It is now with pride and confidence that I pass the goodwill earned over the years by the Trojan brand, to Guardian Fall Protection and Qualcraft Industries. I am excited about the future of Trojan Tools going forward from here, and certain that our designs will be a valuable contribution to Guardian and Qualcraft's growing line of products."

The purchase of Trojan Tools, further increases Guardian Fall Protection's share in the fall protection equipment market. The President of Guardian Fall Protection, says, "As we continue to expand our offering to our Qualcraft customers, we will be able to provide more one-stop shop choices for unique quality tools."

Guardian Fall Protection chose to bid for Trojan tools because, as our president explains:

"The product of Trojan Tools caught my attention. Not only because of the quality and functionality of the product, but really the man behind the company, founder Jeff O'Mealy (sp). Jeff is a passionate entrepreneur who has worked for over two decades to build Trojan Tools into a dominate regional player of this product category. We want to expand the brand nationwide and to help us do so Jeff will consult for us while attending trade shows as well as assist in further product development for Qualcraft."

Since its founding, Guardian Fall Protection has specialized in forming synergistic relationships with individuals (such as Jeff O'Mealy), who have a great product and love their business, but need help to achieve a national presence. Our president states, "I am happy we can do that in partnership with the original inventor of Trojan Tools."

Located in the metro area surrounding Portland Oregon, Trojan Manufacturing, Inc. has built and maintained a reputation for making quality, time-saving tools for more than twenty-five years. Trojan is the manufacturer of the World's Best Sawhorses and a variety of other products for professional contractors. They were credited as originators of the first miter saw stand, which became a national best seller due to its simple design and sturdy construction - features that have since become the hallmark of the Trojan Tool line.


About Guardian Fall Protection and Qualcraft Industries

Founded in 1993, Guardian Fall Protection is an international leader of fall protection, engineered systems, and ladder safety products. Our brands include Guardian, ESG, Framepro, and Qualcraft industries. We strive for the high quality at a competitive price. All of our products are designed to meet or exceed any applicable ANSI and OSHA requirements. For more information about Guardian Fall Protection, visit its website at

Established in 1951, Qualcraft Industries is a national construction product company located in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Qualcraft designs, engineers, and manufactures a broad range of quality construction products, including scaffolding and staging systems, roofing and shingling tools, construction accessories, ladder accessories, and fall protection products. The company's products are sold through retail outlets and contractor supply outlets across the USA. For more information about Qualcraft Industries, visit its website at