Product News

Guardian Fall Protection, who in 2012 acquired exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights to Trojan Tools, is proud to announce the availability of five 'Made in America' Trojan products.

From this point forward, Trojan Sawhorses, Trojan Workcenters, and the Dolly Cartin’™ can be purchased in either domestic or imported versions. Simply look for the “-US” at the end of the product part number, and you will know it was manufactured entirely on American soil.

Guardian understands how important it is to support our local economy and encourage domestic production, which is why, when our customers began expressing a desire for this as an option, Guardian acted. We listen to our customers, and we value their input. We know how important our products are to the people who use them, so we take every step possible to make sure our end users are satisfied.

The Trojan family of products is ideal for all kinds of construction and tooling work, and helps make jobs safer, easier, and more efficient.