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Guardian Fall Protection recently discovered a potential performance problem with 20’ and 30’ Edge Series Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL) in complying with ANSI Z359.14-2012 requirements for -40°F cold conditioning tests.

There have been no reported injuries due to this issue.

Guardian has elected to recall a SPECIFIC RANGE of serial numbers that fall in the non-conforming production batch.

Failure to return the specified units may result in serious injury or death.

Part numbers being recalled:

  • #10910 (20' 3/16" Galvanized Cable Edge Series Self-Retracting Lifeline)
  • #10915 (30' 3/16" Galvanized Cable Edge Series Self-Retracting Lifeline)

This recall is only limited to 20' & 30' Self-Retracting Lifelines and does not affect other Guardian Fall Protection Self-Retracting Lifeline units. For more information on how to identify affected units as well as next steps you are required to complete, click the link below.

Click Here to Download the Recall Notice Now