Please be aware that an inspection notice has been issued for a selection of Guardian Fall Protection Edge Series self-retracting lifelines (SRLs). The affected part numbers are 10910, 10915, 10920, 10922, and 10925.

There is no safety risk related to this condition. This is not a product recall.

For the above part #s, if the unit serial number begins with the letter 'A' AND there is a 'G' engraved at the top of the unit housing then the unit should be inspected according to the inspection notice issued by Guardian. Affected units should be inspected for screws backing out of the unit housing. If screws are not flush with unit housing, the unit should immediately be removed from service and sent to Guardian for repair at no cost to the customer.

If you have any questions, please contact Darrell Blalock at 1-800-466-6385 ext. 149.

For more information about SRL inspection, we encourage you to review the latest blog article from our FIRST Choice Training division titled, First Choice Training: Properly Inspecting A Self-Retracting Lifeline.

Click Here To Download The Inspection Notice Now