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Sometimes having a Temper is a good thing

The beauty of the Temper Anchor is that no matter the slope of the roof you are working on you are covered. Its unique hinged design can be used from flat, 0/12 slope roofs, all the way to 12/12 slope in Fall Restraint or Fall Arrest. It can even be used in Work Positioning if needed. Available with a standard or swivel D-Ring, the Temper Anchor gives you maximum flexibility by allowing you to traverse back and forth across the peak of a roof without having to attach to a different anchor point.

Temper Anchor

Tough, yet compliant

The Temper Anchor is fully OSHA and ANSI compliant, and is rated for workers from 130-420 lbs. Its thick zinc-plated-plated construction is durable and long-lasting, and when attached with approved fasteners the anchor can be reused on job after job. The Temper Anchor is compatible with wood, metal, or concrete substrates (see instructions for details), and its offset mounting holes help avoid truss damage by reducing splitting, ensuring structural integrity is not compromised during installation or removal. Combine the Temper Anchor with a harness and vertical lifeline and you have a near unbeatable system for most roofing jobs - oh wait, we’ve done that for you in our Bucket of Safe-Tie – check it out here.

With the Temper Anchor, you can approach roofing work with confidence knowing that you have the right gear for anything the job might throw at you. Bid confidently and be safe up there.